Catalina 22, Island Time

Island Time in her slip on the Delaware River

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Our first boat was a Catalina 22 also named Island Time. We day sailed her out of Winter's Marina on the Delaware River for two years before taking the plunge and getting a larger boat that would allow us to live aboard and take longer trips.

The Catalina 22 is a great day sailer, they're neither tender racing boats nor heavy cruisers. You can weekend on these boats and some take longer cruises aboard Catalina 22's, but this kind of sailing is more like camping.

For us she was a great learning boat. When we purchased her we'd been through sailing school but hadn't yet figured out if we would really enjoy sailing over the long haul. Obviously the answer was yes and she helped us to understand what we wanted in a larger boat.

That said I was sorry to see her go and would liked to have kept her for a weeknight escape to get a few hours on the water after work. But the reality of keeping and maintaining two boats is that the hours spent on maintenance would mean far less sailing.

In the spring of 2009 Island Time went to new owners with the same questions, needs and desires as when we bought her. We wish them well.

The last we heard she is lying at the Bohemia Vista Yacht Basin in Chesapeake City, MD