The following table provides the function of each pin on the 16-pin wiring harness:

IMPORTANT: If additional installation procedures or information is needed,
contact a qualified car stereo installer.

Pin Number Wire Color Function
1 White Left Front Positive
2 Green Left Rear Positive
3 Violet Right Rear Positive
4 Grey Right Front Positive
5 Blue/White Amplifier Remote
6 Blue Antenna Remote
7 Red Accessory 12 Volts
8 Black Ground
9 White/Black Left Front Negative
10 Green/Black Left Rear Negative
11 Violet/Black Right Rear Negative
12 Grey/Black Right Front Negative
13 Sky Blue Telephone Mute
14 Orange/White Illumination
15 Not Used Not Used
16 Yellow Constant 12 Volts

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